Mission Statement

The Mission of the Sebastian Police Department is to provide a safe and peaceful environment through police action in which people can live and work free from fear.  This will be accomplished by acknowledging our obligation to provide professional services to the community and its visitors by rendering aid to those in need, and bringing to justice those who violate the law.  Through a positive and productive presence, members of the Police Department will strive to improve the quality of life for citizens by protecting all persons and property in accordance with legal, moral and ethical standards.


S ervice        To provide quality service to the citizens of Sebastian 

E thical          To practice ethical behavior 

B ehavior     To behave in a positive manner 

A ttitudes     To maintain a positive attitude at all times

S afety           To practice safety in all areas within the department 

T eamwork   To promote the concept of team players

I ntegrity     To promote integrity within the department

A ction          To take appropriate action when needed

N eatness    To maintain a neat and professional appearance