City Clerk

City Clerk, Jeanette Williams, MMC is a Charter Officer, who acts as Clerk to the Council, directly for the City Council, and is the City’s Elections Official and Records Management Liaison Officer (for general administration records).


The City Clerk is the Charter Officer responsible for noticing City Council meetings to its members and the public and keeping a journal of the meetings. Other duties include sealing, attesting, and retaining all official City documents.

The City Clerk also administers the board appointment process, the annual municipal election, and the sale of municipal cemetery lots.

The City Clerk is committed to serving the public impartially and with great care and accurately preserving the legislative decisions of City Council.

City Elections Administration & Canvassing Board

Legislative Support

Records Management (General Administration)

Contact Sebastian Police Department for Law Enforcement records.

Board Member Appointments & Administration

Cemetery Sales & Records

Clerk’s Promise

The following is our promise:

The staff of the City of Sebastian City Clerk’s Office is committed to accurately recording and preserving the City’s history; serving the public impartially and with great care; providing open and easy access to public records; compassionately participating in the sale of cemetery lots, efficiently administering City elections, and communicating all appropriate information, programming and notices to the citizens of Sebastian, Sebastian City Council, City Boards and City staff in a timely manner.