Web Archive Troubleshooting

Broadband vs. Dialup

Broadband versions are for visitors with DSL, Cable Modem, T3 or T1 Connections; Dial-up versions are optimized for access via 28.8Kbps and 56Kbps telephone modems.

For a satisfactory viewing experience, a broadband connection is recommended, however, a dial-up connection will deliver a good enough picture for you to recognize the speaker during close-up shots and the audio portion will be adequate.

If there is heavy Internet traffic it is possible that there will be interruptions and periods of re-buffering of the video while viewing

Other Notes

If you are using Firefox to navigate our website, you might have issues with viewing our archive streams. you will need to right click on the meeting link that you want to watch and copy the URL. Then open the windows media player and to the file menu and select "Open URL" from the dropdown menu that appears. Paste the URL you copied from our website to the box that appears and click okay. You should be able to watch the meeting that you choose to.

Only recordings of the most recently televised meeting of the City Council is available on our website. Copies of older meetings are archived in Windows Media Format on CD ROM at the City Clerks offices. If you have a need for access to older meetings contact us at 772-589-5330.

If you are using a mac, you will need an additional program installed on your machine in order to view the stream. Microsoft provides a product called Flip4MacTM. With Windows Media® Components for QuickTime, by Flip4MacTM, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and.wmv) directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.

Microsoft Support

If you need more information or have trouble with downloading, installation or operation of the Windows Media Player there is a troubleshooting guide available at Microsoft Product Support Services.