Stormwater Home

PUBLIC NOTICE: In accordance with the Integrated Pest Management Plan, the City's licensed contractor will be spot treating nuisance aquatic vegetation in ZONES 4 and 6 of the stormwater conveyance system November 22nd as weather permits. Please visit our Stormwater IPM Website for more information.


How can this web site help?

This web site will contain public education information for our residents and businesses.  Links to websites are also provided for the enhancement of public knowledge and to advertise different events that are part of our community.

The City of Sebastian is excited about educating our residents in the important endeavor of a Clean Water Program and hope you will be too. We are proud of our community and strive to be environmentally educated.  More information can be obtained from the City's Citizens' Request Personnel at  We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

The City of Sebastian Stormwater Management and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Website is here for your convenience.  Feel free to use the friendly links at the top of the screen to navigate your way through Stormwater and NPDES topics.  City adopted an Ordinance No. O-13-11 implementing an urban Stormwater quality management and discharge control program to reduce pollutant discharges it the municipal stormwater system (MS4) in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

How Can You Help?

The first thing you can do to help is to read and follow the guidelines presented in many of our educational brochures and articles. Other ways that

you can do to help is to participate in some of the local Sebastian events that occur throughout the year.

Also, If you witness any illicit discharge or dumping of pollutants, please call our City’s Code Enforcement office at (772) 388-4436.

Stormwater Utility

The City’s Stormwater Utility operates and maintains the extensive stormwater collection and treatment system of swales, ditches, culverts, catch basins, baffle boxes and the 8.15 mile Elkcam Canal/Collier Creek Canal.

Each homeowner is responsible for mowing and cleaning their own front yard swale and driveway culvert and in the few cases where the homeowner has a side yard swale.