Infrastructure Improvements

In recent years, Sebastian Municipal Airport has seen a vast amount of infrastructure improvements. Some of these include:

  • ADS-B Next Gen Tower installation and activation.ADS-B Tower
  • Complete Perimeter Fencing with five electric gates
  • Completed project to add new roadway, taxiway and infrastructure on east of airport using Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grant. This will provide future space for hangers and light manufacturing.
  • Construct new airport maintenance building for all airport equipment
  • Construction and Activation of Runway 10-28
  • Construction of 40 T-hangars
  • Construction of General Aviation Terminal and Administrative Offices
  • Construction of a new Hanger D, due to be completed Summer of 2023
  • Eastside renovation with new entrance road/landscaping, new location for golf course maintenance building and building sites for new small businesses. 
  • FDOT/FAA grant to rehabilitate Runway 5-23 Scheduled for late 2023, including new LED lighting and REILs
  • Florida DOT grant for four new hangers, 60' x 60', on the west side, to be completed by Spring 2024
  • Implementation of SuperAwos Sebastian Airport CTAF/UNICOM 123.05Airport Compass Rose from the Air
  • Installation of 24/7 self serve aviation gas system adjacent to Airport Administration Building on the southeast ramp of the Airport
  • Installation of PAPI Approach Light System on all runways
  • Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (RWY 5-23)
  • Numerous Security Upgrades (Proximity Badges, Cameras, Fiber Optics)
  • Rehabilitation of Taxiway "A"
  • Remarking of Runway 10-28, as well as Taxiway Bravo, completed March 2023
  • Underground Three-phase Power
  • Water and Sewer Utility Extensions on airport west side, completed October 2022

Additionally, Airport Development Guidelines have recently been published to clarify and streamline the entire leasing process and assist prospective tenants throughout their site development.