Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division enforces codes to ensure the beauty and character of the city by responding to citizen complaints and self-initiated enforcement.

Report a Concern

Report a concern by contacting our hotline number 772-388-4436 option 1. It is available 24/7 to leave a detailed message for Code Enforcement Staff or to report a potential violation.  Messages are followed up by the next business day. 

FLORIDA LAW PROHIBITS ANONYMOUS COMPLAINTS. An individual submitting a complaint will have to provide his or her name and address before the City of Sebastian can conduct an investigation. All complaints are subject to F.S. 119 of the Florida Public Records Act.

Complaints can also be submitted using our Online Complaint Form.

Officers on Duty

Our Code Enforcement Officers are Curtis Bloomfield and Richard Iachini. They are on duty during daytime business hours Monday through Friday, Saturdays and every other Sunday. The Code Enforcement Specialist processes the complaint calls and assigns them as appropriate.

Zoning Compliance Issues

The Code Enforcement Division handles zoning compliance issues such as scattered trash, debris and litter and overgrown grass and weeds on properties. We also respond to:

  • Compliance with the city’s sign code
  • Noise issues
  • Parking in the swales
  • Parking issues such as over-sized trailers and recreational vehicles
  • Vacant lots that have overgrown onto improved properties

For more information on the City’s codes, please review the City of Sebastian’s Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances.