The Investigations Division is staffed by sworn officers and one civilian support employee. The division is currently supervised by Lieutenant Constantine Savvidis and Detective Sergeant Jeff Bruckner.

This division is responsible for all investigative needs, including person’s crimes, property crimes, economic crimes, narcotic investigations, crime scene investigations, skydive fatalities, and new applicant background investigations. Staff members are also responsible for intelligence gathering, pawn shop inspections, evidence collection and storage, and the release of public information to the media. One detective is assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s task force and another is responsible for the security and special functions at the city’s airport.

The Investigations Division is usually staffed with veteran officers who have proven themselves in other aspects of law enforcement. Members are always on-call and ready to respond to many different emergencies and investigations that require immediate responses. Furthermore, they receive advanced training in multiple facets of law enforcement because they are responsible for investigations of all types.

Being a detective requires an officer to be a self-starter. The knowledge and experience gained from being an investigator allows officers to broaden their careers into other fields in law enforcement to include supervision.

Sexual Predators & Offenders

Detectives closely monitor convicted sex offenders and predators within the City of Sebastian. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a searchable Sexual Offenders and Predators Search .

Evidence Unit

The Evidence Unit receives, catalogs, and stores property that is of evidentiary value (relating to criminal matters) as well as property that is found, abandoned, and/or forfeited. The Evidence Unit is responsible for the security and control of all of the property that is in the custody of the department. This is critically important in supporting investigations, helping to guarantee successful prosecution at criminal or civil trials, and facilitating the timely return of property to its rightful owners. The Evidence Unit is staffed by one full time Technician who is also responsible for processing crime scenes.

Found or Abandoned Property 

In accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapters 705.105 (1) and 705.105 (B), all found or abandoned property will be posted in the Sebastian Police Department Lobby for the general public’s view. In the event such property is not claimed, the finder may claim such property after ninety (90) days. Property will be disposed of ten (10) days after the ninety (90) day hold period. Please refer to the case number listed along with the found property when inquiring.

For all inquiries and to schedule an appointment to obtain property, contact the Evidence Unit at 772-589-5233 ext. 8530.